With winter far back in our rear view mirror, it’s time to start looking ahead on how we can make the rest of the year as successful and stress-free as possible. The best way to do that? By taking better care of our vehicles. And there’s no better time to begin doing that than right now: National Car Care Month.


That means now is the best time to give your car the attention it needs to guarantee smooth driving year round. Below, we outline a few ways you can save money and headaches on maintenance for your Ford during the rest of the year.

Middletown Ford’s National Car Care Month Tips

Keep it clean

Not only will this boost the riding experience for you and your passengers, but keeping a clean car is an easy way to raise your esteem as a vehicle owner. Start by clearing away any clutter that’s been riding along in your interior. Then, take your vehicle to get washed and waxed. Make this a habit — it protects your paint against corrosive materials. 

Get an oil change

It’s hard to think of a more vital piece of car maintenance than getting routine oil changes. This simple task helps protect your vehicle’s engine’s parts from grinding against one another and causing unnecessary damage. If left neglected, this can cause your engine to fail. Doing this task yourself takes less than 45 minutes, but a professional can do it just as well. So, if you do nothing else during National Car Care Month, change your oil. 

Inspect your brakes

Driving during winter almost requires that we ride our brakes in order to stay safe. Unfortunately, liberally using our brakes like this can cause serious wear-and-tear and ultimately degrade our brakes’ efficacy. With this in mind, listen closely for squeaking, grinding, or crunching sounds when you press on the brakes next. If you hear any of those sounds, it’s a good indication that it’s time to take your car in for a brake inspection. 

Check on your tires

Just as our brakes can take a beating during winter, so too can our tires. Luckily, checking our tires’ health is a relatively quick and easy task. First, check your tire pressure. Then, check your tread using the penny test.

Get Your Car Ready for Spring and Summer in Middletown, OH

We want to help you make your Ford as ready for the changing seasons as we can. Simply schedule an appointment at our Ford Service Center to receive help from our professional service technicians.